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With 10 years’ experience in the field, our team is specialized in providing specialist technical services, unrivaled customer support, and professional customization throughout the entire project.


Select the products for your market needs from our robust line of fitness accessories, each design and function carefully designed based on current trends. Customize your fitness accessories to suit your brand, your budget, and target customers is like a breeze for sonder.


We bring your creative designs and ideas into tangible fitness accessories, with our expert team providing valuable recommendations to improve the marketability and practicality of your products. In-house molding workshop and precision 3D printing devices produce prototypes of your unique product designs in a short time.

Secret Success of Unmatched Customization

Offering unique and eye-catching fitness accessories gives your brand the edge to the competitive market, and our unparalleled customization options help you grab that edge.

Each member of our design team has extensive talent and robust experience in the field. They helped domestic brands create remarkable products that improved their brands and increased market influences.

Creative Design Team

Having the latest 3D printing equipment at our disposal allows us to produce prototypes faster. Faster prototyping ensures your products get to the marketplace quicker than the competition.

3D Sampling

With our in-house molding workshops, we have complete control over the production process, saving time and costs. This also guarantees consistency in the molds and the final product.

Self Mold Developing

Simple & Responsive Customization

We make your customization experience seamless and hassle-free, owing to our expertise and state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment.


Consultation Within Half Hours


Design 1+ Days


Sample Development 3-7 Days


Mass Production 30-45 Days


Delivery 5+ Days

How it Works

Sonder takes a systematic and scientific approach to create mass-produce profitable fitness accessories that are sure to match your market’s pressing demands.

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Research & Development

Our drive for constant research keeps the team in pace with the ever-changing climate of the fitness industry. Knowing what the market wants allows you to stay on top of the competition with innovative fitness accessory solutions for your audience and beyond.

designer and technician are sharing ideas on the product

Meticulous Communication & Design

Continuous communication gives our team the proper insight into your project requirements, which are then drafted into a project proposal along with design suggestions that fit those requirements. Our design team offers turnkey OEM design and customization services to further improve your concept.

a male worker wearing safety goggles is molding a sample product

Product Sampling & Molding

After confirming the design documents, proper molds are created in our state-of-the-art workshops using the latest manufacturing equipment and reliable production tools. Combined with our extensive industry knowledge and production capabilities, samples are available as early as 3 days and forwarded for confirmation.

a female worker is inspecting the product's quality and performance

In-House Production & Inspection

Integrated production facilities are utilized to mass produce fitness accessories, including hydraulic cutting machines, injection molding machines, and automatic silk printers. Rigorous quality inspections are conducted throughout the production, maintaining high-quality standards from beginning to end.

Feedbacks Collection
employees are collecting and valuing customer feedback

Feedbacks Collection

Valuing the feedback we receive from end-users, we record them and see how their input can help us improve our products. We also partner with professional fitness coaches by giving them our accessories and requesting reviews that are aimed to reshape the fitness market.

What Customizable Details You Can Achieve Here

Sonder’s wide range of customizable options helps you create the right fitness accessories to match your brand and market demands.

Non-toxic & Safe Materials
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Non-toxic & Safe Materials

Materials used for manufacturing the fitness accessories are certified safe and non-toxic per US and EU export standards. Our materials are also tested for REACH, CA65, and TUV compliance, ensuring your accessories are accepted across the globe.

Market-driven Fitness Combination
a woman is doing exercise on a yoga mat with many other fitness accessories on the floor

Market-driven Fitness Combination

Thanks to our deep market research and extensive production experience, we can provide professionally-made fitness accessories sets that match specific training and reflect the current trends in the industry.

On-Trend Colors
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On-Trend Colors

Along with having fresh and innovative insights in terms of design, our market research allows us to produce fitness accessories that showcase the trendiest colors to attract your target audience.

OEM Logo
a female worker is printing logo on the product with the printing machine

OEM Logo

Display your unique branding front and center with our extensive printing capabilities. We use various design and printing techniques to add value to your fitness accessories, retaining your brand to your customers, and establishing brand recognition.

Brand Building Packaging
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Brand Building Packaging

Complete your fitness accessories with FCS-certified packaging that echoes your brand image. Customize the packaging based on your design concept or budget, having our expert designers assist you in creating suitable packaging.

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