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Professional Solutions

We start our partnership by capturing your specific market needs to deliver turnkey solutions and services.  Our expert team has over 20 years of robust knowledge and working experience in the industry, having great familiarity with export policies. 

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One-stop Purchasing

Having formed a network of reliable material suppliers, we established ourselves as a one-stop-shop for fitness accessories. Our solid supply chain system streamlines manufacturing processes for a more affordable and faster production, resulting in better revenue.


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Professional Production Management

Quality is the cornerstone of our production philosophy, adhering to ISO 9001:2015 quality system and GS standards in every step of our manufacturing to control costs, lead times, and consistency. Our factory is regularly audited by global brands like Walmart, Costco, and Target, among others.


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Reliable Logistics Management

Extensive experience in the industry allows us to partner with the most reliable logistics companies in the business. Our solid logistics networks connect you with the right logistics team to handle your shipment and guarantee they arrive safe and on-time.

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Brand Building Packaging & Labels

Your packaging highlights the quality and brands of your products in a striking way. We are also specialists in optimizing packaging according to various sales channels like FBA warehouse compliant and directs selling requirements.


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Hassle-Free After-Sales Care

Your time is important to your business, and also to us. As your partner in the advancement of your brand, our responsive support team is available to address your concerns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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