Brand Story

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Founder's Story

After 7 years and a total mileage of 100,000 kilometers running , I realized that people desire to live healthily but are hindered by distance and heavy equipment. Fitness should be simple and fun anytime, anywhere. This inspired us to design and manufacture fitness accessories to break those walls and let people enjoy the benefits of living healthy wherever they are.

Product Philosophy

Holding to a production philosophy combining practicality and beauty, our custom fitness accessories feature carefully laid-out designs with optimal functionality.

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When designing our fitness accessories, we always consider the ergonomics in the construction, ensuring a unique balance of functionality and comfort for consumers.

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Handy & Convenient

Each fitness accessory is crafted for easy carrying and transport, allowing consumers unrestricted access to exercise equipment wherever and whenever.

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Consumer’s purchase habits show that a product’s visual appeal is important to sales, so we make sure our fitness accessories capture your market’s attention with modern designs.

Our Inception

Bring Impactful Fitness Accessories

Committed to the constant development and innovation of our products, Sonder has reshaped the fitness accessories industry with  more stable, efficient, and easy to use products which intend to capture larger market and higher profits.

Environmentally Conscious

Fashion Sensitive

Health Centric

Marketable Oriented

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