Supply Chain System


Wide & Sound Supply Chain System

Sonder invests in establishing long-term partnerships with credible suppliers, creating a wide-reaching supply chain that covers the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, and parts of Southeast Asia. Our team conducts strict screening for suppliers, securing the quality of our raw materials, and production deadlines are regularly met.

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Strict Suppliers Evaluation

To ensure that we partner up with the best material suppliers in the market, suppliers are evaluated according to the ISO 9001:2015 quality system. Raw materials go through a stringent inspection, requiring them to meet global export standards before they are used for our products.

  • Export & Quality Compliance
  • Evaluate Vendor Reliability
  • Documented Inspection Procedures

Benefits of Solid Supply Chain System

Working with Sonder not only guarantees the quality of your fitness accessories, but you also enjoy the benefits of an established network of top-class suppliers.

Premium Raw Materials

Materials used in every fitness accessory we produce comply with REACH, CA65, and GS standards, cementing your brand as a source of quality products.

On Time Delivery

Long-term partnerships with reliable material suppliers include scheduled deliveries of raw materials, meaning production deadlines will never be delayed.

Competitive Prices

Having an established network of suppliers allows us to choose the best sources to manage production costs, opening your brand to better prices, and increased profit.

Abundant Inventory

Whatever materials you require for your custom fitness accessories, we can quickly access to those materials via our supply chain, making sure we can build them on-time.

One-stop Purchasing Has Got You Covered

With our established network of qualified suppliers, we provide you with professional solutions to all your product concerns. Get connected to the best sources in the industry that are sure to elevate your fitness accessories in the global market.

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